20mm drainage cell is the widely used drainage cell system which is manufactured from high strength polypropylene and applied for the construction of roof gardens, plaza decks, basements, pond filtration systems, concealed drains and in situ drains and sports fields. Drainage cell can be made with HDPE or plastic materials. 20mm Drainage cell system is pressed against an underground structure such as a basement wall or subsurface footing. The long term pressure resistance not only can resist weight of concrete bottom plate and its load, but also can bear unavoidable outside pressure and impact force during construction such as vehicle, worker stepping, concrete pouring impact force.

Key advantages of 20mm Drainage Cell System for Garage Roof System

Rainwater can be quickly and effectively exported, greatly reducing or even eliminating the hydrostatic pressure of the waterproof layer, and the effect of active waterproofing can be achieved through this principle of active water conduction.

1. High strength and light load. Compared with the conventional process, the plastic drainage board and geotextile are combined, which have multiple functions such as drainage, waterproofing, ventilation, moisture retention, and partitioning;

2. The multiple fulcrum points of the 20mm plastic drainage cell form a gap between the building surface layer and the structural layer, which has the functions of moisture insulation, drainage, and heat insulation.

3. 20mm drainage cell can effectively protect structures and waterproof layers, and can protect buildings and waterproof layers from damage.

4. The edges of the plastic drainage cell have large and small fulcrum points, which can be overlapped with each other along the slope. Even if there is more leakage, they can be discharged in time and quickly. Construction and transportation are very simple and convenient.

20mm Drainage Cell for Garage Roof Project in Pakistan
20mm Drainage Cell for Garage Roof System in Pakistan
Drainage Cell for Garage Roof System in Pakistan

BPM Pakistan customer contacted our drainage cell products on our website. They needed the drainage cell for garage roof drainage system. We sent the price of 400mm*400mm*20mm and technical data soon, and the customer asked for the 20mm drainage cell samples, and we sent them six drainage cell samples to their Guangzhou agent the next day, they tested the drainage cell after receiving the samples and were satisfied with the drainage cell products. At last we discussed about the details of loading quantity, packing and price, they ordered one 40HQ container.

Specifications of 20mm Drainage Cell for Garage Roof System in Pakistan

  • Drain Cell Size – 400mm*400mm*30mm
  • Total quantity – 1990 m2
  • one 40HQ container.

How to Lay the Drainage Cell System

1.  The waterproof HDPE geomembrane liner to be laid firstly. After the concrete protective layer or concrete slope finding layer is prepared, the dross and cement leveling at the laying site should be removed. The underground garage roof and roof garden require a slope of 2-5 ‰ to determine the construction foundation. Then it is ready to lay the drain cell.

2. Lay the 20mm drainage cell in the direction of the slope and lay them from low to high. The drained water is concentrated to the surrounding sewers or nearby urban sewers. Blind ditches and water collection wells need to be designed outside the roof of the garage to ensure smooth flow Rainwater is trapped on the roof of the garage, reducing the life of the underground garage!

3. The plastic drainage cell is laid. After laying a plastic grid (supporting mesh) above the drain cell, continue to tile the nonwoven geotextile. It is necessary to pay attention to laying the drain cell in any location to ensure that no dirt, large stones, cement, yellow sand and other dregs enter the front space of the drain cell. The laying of geotextiles must be overlapped by 5-10 cm to ensure the quality of the product. If it is found, remove it as soon as possible to ensure that the space of the plastic drainage cell is clear.

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