PET filament ground fabric for driveways, also known as non woven geotextile, is widely used in highway construction. The non woven ground fabric for driveways is designed to filter soil particles from drainage systems and stabilize roadways to increase performance life. Non woven geotextile is ideal for a variety of civil engineering applications including subsurface drainage, roadway separation and stabilization, underground detention & retention system, etc. It can be used as a rapid dewatering layer in the roadbed and the geotextile needs to maintain its permeability without losing its separation function. In a word, the use of non woven ground fabric for driveways is to prevent soil erosion and roadbed from collapsing due to rainwater scouring. Road construction is mainly new road laying and old road transformation, new road laying is mainly subgrade treatment, the filament geotextile is used between different material layers to reinforce, isolate, increase the shear strength of subgrade soil, maintain the strength of different material layers. The geotextile solution must be to increase the tensile strength to strengthen the soil, prevent soil erosion, and prevent the roadbed from collapsing due to the erosion of rain.

Non Woven Ground Fabric for Driveways in United Arab Emirates
Filament Non Woven Ground Fabric for Driveways in United Arab Emirates


Road construction is an important infrastructure construction in every country, and the quality of the road foundation directly affects the service life of the road Construction. The filament ground fabric for driveways usually needs to bear loads of different weights and has a certain bearing capacity.

United Arab Emirates customers wanted to build an intercity transportation line. They found our company through Alibaba and asked us for geotextiles suitable for road foundations. According to the local conditions and technical requirements of customers, we recommended 300gsm filament geotextiles to them. The filament ground fabric for driveways was used as a rapid dewatering layer in the subgrade, filament non woven geotextiles needed to maintain their permeability without losing their separation function. And introduced the successful cases of filament geotextiles in different countries to customers.

Specifcations of Filament Ground Fabric for Driveways in United Arab Emirates

  • 300g/m2 PET Filament Polyester Geotextile for Road Construction
  • Unit Weight – 300g/m2
  • Total Quantity – 50000 Square meters
  • Each Roll Size – 5m*100m


Separation. The durability and mechanical properties of filament polyester geotextiles make them ideal as separating layers in construction works.

Filtration. The characteristic opening size of filament polyester geotextiles is designed to retain particles while allowing free movement of water, making it possible to separate two layers during intense hydraulic activity.

Drainage. Excess water is drained off the construction – not by passing through the filament polyester geotextile as when used for filtration – but by flowing in the plane of the geotextile leading it away from the construction.

Filament Ground Fabric for Driveways in United Arab Emirates

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