Earth Dam Liners are the kind of waterproof or anti-seepage geomembrane liner made from high-grade polyethylene by film-blowing technology and rolling technology, adding 2% carbon black, antioxidant, anti-aging and UV-resistance component, which provide geomembranes with specific properties on each layer. BPM Geosynthetics is the leading geomembrane manufacturer and suppler, we offer wholesale geomembrane liner with complete specifications at great price. Let’s delve into the case study of earth dam liners for dam construction project in Mozambique.

1 What is Earth Dam Liners?

Earth dam liners are impermeable barriers or membranes used in the construction of dams to prevent water seepage and leakage. Also known as waterproof material or waterproof boards, pond liners, or impermeable membranes, they play a crucial role in maintaining the structural integrity of the dam and ensuring water containment within the reservoir. Earth dam liners are widely utilized in various applications such as fish farms, shrimp farms, landfills, tunnels, slopes protection, pond reservoirs, wastewater management, and mining operations.

The primary purpose of these liners is to address seepage prevention, stability, and drainage issues. They effectively minimize the risk of water loss through seepage into the dam’s foundation and the surrounding soil. HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) dam liners are commonly used due to their favorable characteristics. They offer advantages such as easy construction, short construction periods, relatively low investment costs, high safety levels, and easy repair and maintenance.

Earth dam liners take the risks associated with seepage and water loss are significantly reduced, ensuring the stability and integrity of the dam structure. They provide an effective solution for water containment and contribute to the successful management of various water-related projects.

Earth Dam Liners for Dam Project in Mozambique
Earth Dam Liners for Dam Projects in Mozambique
HDPE Dam Liners for Dam Project in Mozambique

2 Why Chose Earth Dam Liners Mozambique for Dam Project?

BPM Mozambique received an inquiry for a 700-micron dam liner from a customer who found us through Google. The customer provided accurate dam size information, allowing us to calculate the required quantity of earth dam liners. We promptly sent them the CIF price for the liners. Leveraging our 10 years of experience in the industry, we recommended a 1mm HDPE dam liner for their dam project.

To assist the customer in making an informed decision, we shared our product catalog, showcased previous dam project cases, provided technical data, and shared relevant test reports. We engaged in detailed discussions with the customer to understand the specifics of their project. Finally, we shared the exported Mozambique Bill of Lading (BL) and installation instructions as references.

The customer expressed satisfaction with our professional sales approach and our decade-long expertise in manufacturing and exporting dam liners. After approximately one month of discussions and consultations, we successfully secured the order.

Choosing BPM Mozambique for their dam project proved advantageous for the customer. Our quick response, accurate calculations, and personalized recommendations demonstrated our commitment to meeting their specific needs. By providing comprehensive information and sharing our extensive experience, we instilled confidence in the customer regarding the quality and suitability of our 1mm HDPE dam liner. We look forward to delivering a successful project outcome and further strengthening our relationship with the customer.

3 Specifications of Earth Dam Liners for Dam Project in Mozambique

  • HDPE Dam Liners Thickness -1.0mm
  • Total Quantity – 25,200 Square meters
  • Roll Size – 7m*100m

The chosen HDPE dam liners have a thickness of 1.0mm, providing an effective barrier against water seepage and ensuring the integrity of the dam structure. With a total quantity of 25,200 square meters, the liners will cover a significant area, offering comprehensive protection against water leakage.

The roll size of the HDPE dam liners is 7 meters in width and 100 meters in length. This roll size facilitates convenient installation, allowing for efficient and seamless coverage of the required area. The longer length of 100 meters minimizes the number of seams required during installation, reducing the risk of potential leaks.

By utilizing these specifications, the dam project in Mozambique will benefit from the protective qualities of the 1.0mm thick HDPE dam liners. The extensive coverage provided by the 25,200 square meter quantity ensures that the entire dam area is effectively safeguarded against water seepage. The roll size of 7m x 100m simplifies the installation process, optimizing time and effort while maintaining the integrity of the liners.

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