Big pond liners are the HDPE geomembrane pond liner materials for the anti seepage lining projects such as fish ponds, shrimp ponds, or biogas digester, etc. Big pond liners have the characteristics of high tensile strength, strong anti-aging and corrosion resistance, and good seepage resistance. It is a black smooth HDPE geomembrane for biogas digester and a farm sedimentation tank (slag separation tank). BPM HDPE impermeable geomembrane pond liner is made of high-quality polyethylene virgin resin, the main component is 97.5% high-density polyethylene, about 2.5% carbon black, anti-aging agent, antioxidant, ultraviolet absorber, stabilizer and other auxiliary materials, using fully automatic production equipment with three-layer co-extrusion technology. All BPM geomembrane pond liners are produced in accordance with American GRI standards and ASTM test standards, with complete specifications such as smooth and rough surfaces, thickness 0.25mm-2.0mm, width 4m-12m. The textured geomembrane pond liner is suitable for laying on sites with different slopes. The 1.5mm and 1.25mm thickness big pond liners are often recommended for biogas digester projects.

Big Pond Liners for Biogas Digester Project in Indonesia
HDPE Geomembrane Pond Liners for Biogas Digester Project in Indonesia
HDPE Pond Liners for Biogas Digester Project in Indonesia

BPM Indonesia customer called us for smooth geomembrane pond liner about biodigester project. We suggested using 1.5mm GM13 standard smooth geomembrane big pond liners for cover of biodigester after he sent us more detail about biodigester drawings. We checked and sent our design for this case and also sent our biodigester cases and test report from third party we did before for their references. At the same time, we posted our HDPE geomembrane pond liner samples to customer for testing. By negotiating about one week and after our samples passed their test, The customer placed the order to us.

Specifications of Big Pond Liners for Biogas Digester Project in Indonesia

  • Total quantity – 20,000 square meters
  • Geomembrane pond liner thickness – 0.5 mm
  • Each roll size – 7m*140m

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