BPM Geosynthetics company is fighting against the coronavirus (COVID-19) with You! Don’t run from anything, we have an obligation to take responsibility with all of our customers.

It was a time that was etched in everyone’s heart. It was as though the familiar life had been pressed the pause button. The headlines were occupied by the epidemic. The virus quickly swept across the globe, but even more rapidly than the spread of the virus is the warmth of human nature and immortal hope.

As early as before the national release of the late work notice, BPM has notified the employees to go to work late, which shows the social Responsibility and responsibility of BPM, and also reflects the great love culture of BPM Geosynthetics Company. BPM adhere to the isolation of the virus, not isolated services. Since February 10, 2020, BPM staff began to implement online office, only to provide customers with quality service.

While doing its own prevention and control work, the company’s leaders are also paying close attention to the prevention and control of the epidemic situation. As a warm enterprise, Mr. Zhang baoli, the chairman of BPM, has chosen to fulfill his social responsibility and make a contribution to the prevention and treatment of the epidemic. Through active contact, we donated 20,000 yuan to Tai’an City network business association and 10,000 yuan to Manzhuang town charity association.

BPM Geosynthetics Company is Fighting Against the Coronavirus19 with You
BPM Geosynthetics Company is Fighting Against the Coronavirus-19 with You
BPM Geosynthetics Manufacturer is Fighting Against the Coronavirus-19 with You

Zhang baoli, chairman of the board, said that BPM epidemic prevention and control as the current most important work to do. To fight the epidemic with love, is the specific action of BPM, is also the obligatory social responsibility of the enterprise. BPM donation is to hope that through its own modest efforts, with the frontline medical staff and the general public to fight against the pneumonia epidemic.

In the face of the epidemic, we always remember the mission of social responsibility. In February 2020, when the outbreak abroad was still in its early stage, BPM Geosynthetics company started to donate 10,000 masks to some customers, especially in neighboring southeast Asian countries, such as Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Sri Lanka and Thailand. Late with foreign outbreak strain, BPM through actively contact the customer again, care about the customer safety, ask about the local situation, and find some way to consult different express company, has sent 40000 masks, covers most of the countries around the world, including Chile, Sri Lanka, the United States, Oman, Australia, Lithuania, Peru, France, Burma, Laos, etc., A total of 50,000 masks were sent. After receiving masks, customers have sent thank-you notes, and some customers even consulted about lotus Qingwen granules from China. We are also actively consulting about express delivery arrangements. BPM also sends manuals on epidemic prevention and control to customers in various countries during the epidemic. And some customer inquired about Geomembrane and Geotextile for Vulcan Mountain Hospital and Thunder God Mountain hospital in Wuhan, as a professional geosynthetics materials manufacturers, wholesalers and suppliers, since its establishment in 2007,BPM has been committed to global customers to provide one-stop geosynthetic products and services.In this regard, the BPM team sent to the customer our geomembrane and geotextile for Thunder God mountain and Vulcan Mountain hospitals in Wuhan for laying of pictures and video, and patiently explained the real effect of anti-seepage and isolation.

In times of great events and difficulties, a man’s courage to take responsibility can be seen. In the face of adversity, you can see a person’s mind and tolerance. At present, epidemic prevention and control is in a critical period,and BPM is still actively sharing the experience of fighting the epidemic to customers around the world, and supporting the epidemic prevention materials to customers in many countries. From the overall situation of the global epidemic fighting, BPM cares about and helps customers from all over the world to carry out epidemic prevention and control and deliver epidemic prevention materials, which is also an important measure to help the global epidemic fighting war to win at an early date.It demonstrats the spirit of entrepreneurs’ iron courage and responsibility, BPM is willing to contribute to the global epidemic prevention and control work.

Let us look forward to, the outbreak dissipates, when the spring flowers!