Impermeable liner is the waterproof HDPE geomembrane liner widely used for the anti seepage lining applications such as waste containment or water containment applications. Impermeable liner is made of high density polyethylene (HDPE) with specially formulated, virgin polyethylene resin, combined with 2%~3% carbon black, antioxidant, anti-aging agent and UV resistance components, which makes it excellent resistant to UV radiation by the state of the art automatic production lines and advanced pressing technology.  The HDPE impermeable liner is the ideal geosynthetic material for in municipal solid waste landfill project.

The construction process of impermeable liner used in municipal solid waste landfill in Vietnam as below.

  • Preparations before laying impermeable liner
  • Foundation treatment. The site should be level and the debris on the site should be cleaned.
  • Prepare the impermeable HDPE liner materials and reasonably schedule the wide width according to the design size.
  • Laying and overlapping methods
  • The laying should be smooth, moderately tight and in contact with the soil surface.
  • The laying of the impermeable liner on the slope should be carried out from the bottom up. The top and bottom should be fixed, anti-skid nails should be provided on the slope, and the weight should be followed by the shop.
  • The damaged part of the impermeable liner should be repaired or replaced. The connection of adjacent pieces generally has two methods of overlap and suture. The overlap width is generally 300mm. The suture is generally stitched with an over lock sewing machine. The places where displacement may occur should be stitched and uneven. The overlap width of soft soil and underwater laying should be appropriately increased, not less than 500mm, and the upstream sheet at the water flow should be laid on the downstream sheet.
  • The connection of the impermeable liner with the bank slope and structure should be well combined.
  • Laying personnel should not wear hard-soled shoes.
  • Backfill Process
  • Backfill the soil in a timely manner. The maximum drop height of the backfill soil stones should not be greater than 300mm, and the heavy soil stones should not roll down on the slope.
  • The compaction degree of the filling soil shall meet the design requirements. After backfilling the 300mm loose soil layer, it shall be lightly compacted.

(4) The quality inspection should be taken after impermeable liner laying and overlap.

Impermeable Liner for Municipal Solid Waste Landfill Project in Vietnam
Impermeable Liner for Municipal Solid Waste Landfill in Vietnam
HDPE Impermeable Liner for Municipal Solid Waste Landfill Project in Vietnam

Specifications of Impermeable Liner for municipal solid waste landfill in Vietnam

  • Total Geomembrane Liner quantity – 35280 m2
  • Geomembrane Liner Thickness – 1.5mm
  • Specification – 7m*140m/roll
  • Two 40HQ containers
  • Extra four sets welding machines

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