BPM woven geotextile membrane is made of polypropylene flat yarn and consists of at least two parallel yarns (or flat yarns). The warp and weft yarns are interwoven with different weaving equipment and processes to weave into a cloth shape. Different application areas are woven into different thicknesses and densities, the woven geotextile membrane has light weight, high strength, small elongation and good integrity.

Thailand is a large fruit growing and exporting country, and large-scale planting has become a trend. In order to increase the output of fruit trees and reduce the labor cost of the staff, our Thai customers purchased PP woven geotextile from us as a grass-proof cloth and laid it on the pitaya fruit plantation.

Woven Geotextile Membrane for Pitaya Plantation Farm in Thailand
Woven Geotextile Membrane for Pitaya Plantation Project in Thailand
Woven Geotextile Membrane for Pitaya Plantation in Thailand

The laying of woven geotextile membrane in fruit plantations has the following advantages.

  1. PP woven geotextile membrane can prevent weeds from being generated on the ground and prevent direct sunlight on the ground. At the same time, its own solid structure prevents the weeds from passing through the weeding cloth, thus ensuring the weeds’ suppression effect on the growth of weeds.
  2. Penetrate rainwater to promote the absorption of water by fruit trees. The weeding cloth has good water permeability. The stone layer and middle sand layer under the weeding cloth can effectively inhibit the penetration of soil particles, thus ensuring the cleanliness of the ground surface and protecting the soil moisture.
  3. Promote the growth of the roots of fruit trees and prevent the roots of fruit trees. The woven geotextile membrane production principle is a weft-weft structure. This structure can ensure that the roots of the crop are breathable and permeable, and the air in the roots has a certain mobility, thereby preventing the roots of the fruit trees from rotting.
  4. Weeding cloth to prevent the breeding of diseases and insect pests is made of polypropylene flat yarn or polyethylene flat yarn. The material itself is resistant to corrosion and insect bites. The product is placed close to the ground to prevent the reproduction of insects and rats, reducing the orchard. Occurrence of diseases and insect pests.
  5. Reduce the weeding cost. BPM woven geotextile membrane has a normal service life of 3-5 years in the orchard, which can ensure that the orchard will not produce weeds for 5 years, which greatly saves labor costs.
  6. The weeding cloth is environmentally friendly and non-toxic, with good anti-aging properties and degradable materials, so there is no need to worry about the later effects.

Specification of Woven Geotextile Membrane for Pitaya Plantation in Thailand

  • PP Woven geotextile membrane Weight – 80 gsm
  • Size – 1.5mx200m each rolls
  • Total quantity of woven geotextile membrane- 67,800 square meters

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