Waterproof pond liner is the hot sale HDPE geomembrane pond liner which is made from high density polyethylene raw material, adding color master batch, antioxidant, anti-aging and UV-resistance component. It adopted the first class automatic production equipment and blowing technology. All BPM HDPE waterproof pond liner products are in accordance with GRI GM-13 and ASTM Standard. The waterproof pond liner has the characteristics of acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, non-toxic, it is the ideal geotechnical material for water or waste containment applications.

Polyethylene electrode mainly adopts PEM of raw material after high temperature, melting, extrusion and strips, its high surface brightness, color is uniform. The polyethylene electrode is acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, non-toxic; It is mainly used for PE plate welding, Pipe fittings production, welding plastic containers required for plastic strip products. And the welding speed is fast and is strong. Its color is wax white, or white.

E-lock is also called as E locker or E poly lock. E-shaped poly lock is made from HDPE with three anchors, the anchors will be embedded in new cast-in-place or precast concrete construction, then provide a surface for geomembrane liner to help the installing.

Waterproof Pond Liner for Water Containment Projects in Pakistan
Waterproof Pond Liner for Water Containment Project in Pakistan
HDPE Geomembrane Pond Liner for Water Containment Project in Pakistan

The BPM team received an inquiry from a customer in Pakistan. The customer asked the BPM team to make a quotation for the 1.5mm geomembrane pond liner. After in-depth communication with the customer, the customer wanted to build a large pond. The customer gave the data of the length, width and depth of the pond to the BPM team. The BPM calculated the quantity of HDPE geomembrane liner required by the project for the customer, the data provided by the BPM and the theory calculated by the customer were very close, the customer was very satisfied. After that, the customer put forward the requirements of welding rod and e-lock for the project. The BPM team gave the quantity of welding rod and e-lock for the project. The quantity of welding rod and e-lock can absolutely meet the needs of the project without waste. The customer finally accepted the whole scheme of BPM. The customer has placed an order, the production has started, and the product will be delivered within a week.

Specifications of Waterproof Pond Liner for Water Containment Project in Pakistan

  • Total Waterproof Pond Liner Quantity – 66,700 square meters
  • Total E lock Quantity – 4300 meters
  • Total polyethylene electrode Quantity – 1000 meters
  • Geomembrane Thickness – 1.5mm
  • Each Roll Size- 8m*50m
  • Delivery Time: 5 days

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