Plastic geogrid mesh enforced by steel has better coefficient friction and high strength with backfill soil or stuff. BPM steel plastic geogrid mesh is made of high quality steel wire as the key body wrapped by plastic strips, it is welded by ultrasonic welding technology to form into biaxial two direction geogrid mesh.  The wire number and model can be changed according to different tensile strength requirement. Our Steel Plastic Geogrid Mesh is widely used in highway road construction.

our Uganda customer had a project for highway road reinforcement in which steel plastic geogrid 60*60mm was designed. After steel plastic geogrids sample testing and competitive factory price confirmation, they finally determined to buy 50,000 square meters steel plastic geogrid at last. In subsequent orders, they will improve the quantity.

Steel Plastic grid mesh for Road Construction in Uganda
Steel Plastic Geogrid mesh for Highway Construction in Uganda

Steel plastic geogrid Mesh for highway road Specification

  • Total steel plastic geogrid quantity – 50,000 m2
  • Each roll size 3.95m*50m

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