Drainage Board

Drainage Board is the single or multi-layered geosynthetic product which is often made with polypropylene PP or regenerated HDPE, some of them are covered with thermally bonded filament nonwoven geotextiles. BPM drainage Board products are widely used as drainage elements beneath traffic areas like frequently used pathways, car or truck usage, intensive green roofs or on vertical building components, etc. BPM brand high quality drainage board products include drainage net, drainage cell, drainage sheet, HDPE grass paver and other customized drainage boards.

  • Drainage cell is the lightweight three dimensional geocomposite with flat back which is pressed against an underground structure used for subsurface water management method. BPM drainage cell is lightweight, easy to use and cost effective when compared to traditional drainage methods, and it is the most advanced and versatile geo-composite product suitable for all your horizontal and vertical drainage applications such as roof garden drainage, landscape, terraces and patios under pavers, subterranean building protection, etc.
  • Drainage Net, also called Composite Geonet, is a two or three-layer three-dimensional drainage geosynthetic product which are often made with polypropylene PP or regenerated HDPE (geonet) and covered with double-sided thermally heat-bonded nonwoven geotextile on both sides or one side.  BPM brand drainage net has excellent performance than traditional draining gravel. So it becomes a good alternative for gravel in drainage application. Our drainage net is widely used for landfill, railway system drainage, road drainage, tunnel and retaining wall.
    • Virgin HDPE and geotextile material
    • Can be vertical or horizontal installed
    • Enhanced waterproof capability
    • Chemical resistant
    • Strong and durable
    • Excellent water collection and flow capacity
    • Low cost
    • Easy to install


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