Plastic grid pavers, also known as plastic gravel grids or permeable plastic grass pavers, are an alternative to asphalt, concrete, and traditional grass pavers. The plastic grid pavers are made of recycled plastic with open cells that allow grass to grow through them. The permeable plastic grass pavers are  porous, eco-friendly option for driveways and parking areas.

The plastic paver’s unique open cell structure is ideal for allowing grass roots to spread from cell to cell, allowing vertical and horizontal passage of water, drainage and the flow of nutrients. These benefits provide a great growing environment for grass with the ground stabilisation that the plastic porous paver gives to the grass’s structure. The plastic grid pavers also ensure angular gravel interlocked firmly so that it is retained in situation and won’t move or be lost as a car wheel drives over. Please note that rounded pea shingle is not advised for this reason, but slightly angular gravel is recommended instead.


1.Grass block pavers can reduce stormwater runoff, one of the biggest sources of water pollution. Stormwater runoff is caused when rain washes over asphalt or concrete, picks up oil and other road pollutants, and washes the whole toxic soup into rivers, bays, and streams. And because they absorb water, plastic grid pavers slow down the water that races over pavement in a rainstorm, preventing erosion.

2.plastic grid pavers recharge groundwater. Those spots of grass allow rain to seep into the ground, putting it back into aquifers, very important in arid climates where water supply is tight. The grass and soil in your grow-through pavers will filter out the pollutants, so the water that returns to the earth is clean.

3. Plastic grid pavers can keep the air around your driveway cooler, thanks to the magic of transpiration from that grass. You can congratulate yourself on being an earth-friendly person.

4.The greening rate of plastic grass grid is higher than others.

5.Permeable plastic grid pavers is equipped with a connecting buckle, which is convenient for paving.

6.The plastic grid pavers can be easily used to make the parking lot dividing line with the gusset.

Plastic Grid Pavers for Packing lot in Cambodia
Plastic Grid Pavers for Packing lot in Cambodia

Removing pollutants from the stormwater before it recharges aquifers is a huge benefit of plastic systems. By allowing infiltration into the soil, as opposed to runoff of concrete, auto and other pollutants such as hydrogen, nitrogen, phosphorous, and various hydrocarbons are naturally filtered via the bioremediation process. Permeable plastic grass pavers allowing infiltration and natural filtering can remove up to 90% of pollutants from the water table.

Less drastic temperatures is another benefit of using gravel grid pavers. In the winter, there will be less ice buildup as any precipitation will seep through the paver. In the summer, there will be no extreme heat on the surface as the fill material will be cooler than concrete or asphalt. This will lead to a safer environment for all.

Aesthetically, plastic pavers allow for many options with different fill materials. Any color gravel or grass. Plastic pavers can be filled with gravel for highly trafficked commercial and industrial parking lots yielding a maintenance-free stabilized parking and driving area. They also can be filled with grass for fire lanes, driveways and light trafficked areas to provide green space and stabilized, strengthened, reinforced grass pavement.

Installation processes:

1.Put down a base of crushed gravel mixed with sand to level the surface.

2.Place the blocks next.

3.Then lay another layer of sand and compact it.

4.Lay a layer of topsoil.

5.Plant grass.

6.Stay off the grass until it’s established.

Case study

  • Location: Cambodia
  • Product: Plastic Grid Pavers
  • Purpose: Packing lot

The Cambodian client wanted to rebuilt his own house. He wanted to build a few more parking spaces in front of his house to facilitate parking. The customer found the plastic grass grid in our catalog and found that it can be used as a parking lot, so he consulted us about this product.

We learned from the customer that the local soil of the customer is soft and the greening rate is low. Easy to cause soil erosion. The car that the customer usually parks is a family car, which is not very heavy. Since the customer uses it himself, the customer wants a cheaper one.

According to the actual situation of the customer, we recommended to the customer a 50mm high, 500mm long and wide grass trellis. The material is recycled material. The price of this product is cheap and the load-bearing ability is also very good. It can carry 8-10 tons of weight.

We calculated the plastic grid pavers price for the customer, and the customer felt that the price was appropriate, because the price would be several times higher if you buy it locally. Finally, the customer decides to purchase a quantity of 20GP. We have sent installation guides to customers to facilitate their installation, and we also conducted installation demonstrations for customers’ reference.

Specifications of Plastic Grid Pavers for Packing lot in Cambodia

  • Quantity – 580 squares meters
  • Specifications -50mm*500mm*50mm

These plastic grid pavers can also be used to create gravel walkways and pathways through or across your property. The great drainage of the plastic gravel grids means that the gravel remains fairly dry, even during rain making is great for creating an area of porous pavement between your home, garage, and other outbuildings. Patio areas can be created with gravel surfaces that are far more visually pleasing than concrete slabs. StartPave plastic paving will improve the drainage of your patio rather than cause more water runoff.

Plastic Grid Pavers for Packing lot Project in Cambodia
Permeable Plastic Grid Pavers for Packing lot in Cambodia

Other Common Plastic Grid Pavers Applications

  • Golf Cart Paths – Create neat roadways that will not become muddy in wet weather, all without ruining the visual appearance of the course.
  • Residential Parking Lots – It is important within cities that there is appropriate water drainage. These grids can be used to create residential parking areas with plenty of water drainage.Overflow Parking Areas – Don’t ruin the visual appearance of your venue with ugly asphalt. By using StartPave you can provide a stable and clean grass surface parking area.
  • Permeable Pavement – These grids will ensure that rainwater can soak away even through the pavement in a natural manner.
  • Rooftop Gardens – Keep soil and gravel under control and prevent them from running into drainage channels.
  • Fairground areas – Use this grid to provide structural support, and also prevent foot traffic from churning up the ground.
  • Water Runoff Management – When used in replacement of a concrete or tarmac parking area wastewater will drain away quickly without causing flooding.
  • Swimming Pool and Jacuzzi – Surround your pool with these pavers to provide adequate drainage. You can use grass or gravel to infill depending on the appearance you want.

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