Needle Punched Geotextile is often made of high quality short polypropylene or polyester fibers by  needle-punched or heat-bonded methods to form multi  dimensional network. BPM needle punched geotextile is the robust and durable geo fabrics designed to increase maximum slope support, soil stabilization, erosion control and ground support in a given location such as typically river or reservoir embank. Needle punched geotextile can take the place of the traditional engineering materials in many projects. Our needle punched geotextile stabilization fabric is widely used for filtration, separation, protection, drainage applications in civil environmental engineering and construction projects.

The Advantages of Needle Punched Geotextile

  • Engineered to provide high strength and high elongation to ensure excellent resistance to damage during construction.
  • Manufactured from high tenacity UV stabilized virgin polypropylene or polyester fibers which have been heavily drawn to ensure excellent long term durability in all soil types.
  • Manufactured using a randomly orientated web to provide completely isotropic properties, ensuring that high strength is not limited to a single direction.
  • Excellent uniformity with high permeability and low pore size for soil filtration.
  • Supplied to a maximum width of 6.5 meters, ensuring minimum waste over large construction areas.
  • UV and hot resistant and biological degradation resistant.
Needle Punched Geotextile
Needle Punched Geotextile Used For Embank Reinforcement
Needle Punched Geotextile Used For Embank Reinforcement in Thailand

Needle punched geotextile can isolate, protect and reinforce the embank. Needle punched geotextile and other geotextiles have good  permeability and coefficiency compared to that of coarse sand, and they can maintain good capillary action without clogging. On the other hand, geotextiles have hydrophilic properties. It is less hydrophilic than soil and thus can reduce capillary rise height. Therefore, it is an indisputable fact that the needle punched geotextile can play a major role in the foundation reinforcement. The application of geotextiles can greatly enhance the embank stability and safety. According to the geotechnical fabric manufacturers’ experience in reinforcing embank construction, in addition to meeting the percolation requirements, the needle punched geotextile should be laid with a thin layer of sand on top of it, which is generally 8-9 cm thick, to achieve more satisfactory results.

Our Thailand customer sent us an inquiry about needle punched geotextile used for embank reinforcement project. We sent him our geotextile manufacturing videos, pictures and certificates. He was very satisfied with these information. Then we sent our professional short fiber non woven geotextile quotation sheet and more details of project design by communication and negotiation quickly. Finally, he placed the order for 250 GSM needle punched geotextile of three 40HQ containers.

Specifications of Needle Punched Geotextile

  • Needle punched geotextile specification – 250 GSM
  • Each roll size– 6m×50m
  • Delivery period – 6 weeks

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