Large pond liners are the kind of HDPE geomembranes which is ideal for artificial lake construction as the impermeable lining system.  With the improvement of people’s living standards, people are particularly concerned about environmental issues, whether they are living or public places. In particular, the environmental function of water has received more and more attention in recent years. The construction of the artificial lake landscape has been developed quickly. The anti-seepage of artificial lake can not be ignored. The large pond liners is selected as the artificial lake anti-seepage material, which has light weight, large elongation, good anti-seepage performance, can adapt to deformation, simple construction and low cost. etc.

The thickness of the early anti-seepage film was very thin, because the production process was not advanced and the technology was backward, which limited the thickness, tensile strength and service life of the anti-seepage large pond liners were limited . After the continuous improvement of production equipment and the gradual improvement of technology, the quality of large pond liners are also getting higher and higher, and various technical indicators are getting stronger and stronger.

Large Pond Liners for artificial Lake Project in Hubei
Large Pond Liners for artificial Lake Projects in Hubei
Large Pond Liners for artificial Lake in Hubei

In April 2017, Our customer from Hubei ordered BPM large pond liners for the construction of the local artificial lake. After three months of laying by the three welding technicians, the project was completely finished. The construction period is reduced, and the leakage at the bottom of the lake is more effectively avoided.

Specifications of Large Pond Liners for artificial Lake Project

• Geomembrane Thickness – 2 mm
• Specification – 7m×150m
• Total quantity – 1,500,000 square meters
• Standard – GB/T 17643-2011 GH-2S

Welding seam of the pond liner should be greatly minimized during large pond liners installation process, especially the cross welding seams to reduce leakages. In the process of pond liner installation, it is necessary to avoid pulling hard and pulling it out. Every weld seam must be cleaned of the floating soil on the welding process, otherwise the upper and lower pond liner cannot be heat sealed together. In order to connect with the building foundation, it is necessary to flatten the pond liner without folding, and provide good operating conditions for the edge sealing.

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