Landfill Geomembrane, also known as HDPE geomembrane or landfill liner is a kind of geotechnical product for anti-seepage lining system to protect environment from pollution. In Thailand, domestic garbage has become a common problem faced by major cities in the world. Landfill treatment method is the most common garbage treatment method. Its biggest characteristic is low cost, simple method, but easy to cause secondary pollution of groundwater resources. With the increasing amount of domestic waste in Bangkok, there are fewer and fewer suitable landfills near the city. Opening up long-distance landfills has greatly increased the cost of waste discharge, which is even unaffordable. Because of the hot and rainy climate in Thailand, garbage from landfills has been piled outdoors for a long time. It is easier to breed mosquitoes and flies in hot and humid environment, spread pathogens and produce odor. Waste is piled up outside for a long time because of rain and other factors, such as running water, wet decomposition of sewage leachate, sewage pollution and great harm to the surrounding environment and residents, serious conditions can cause death.

Landfill Geomembrane For Waste Containment In Thailand
Landfill Geomembrane For Waste Containment Project In Thailand
BPM Landfill Geomembrane For Waste Containment Project In Thailand

Landfill geomembrane can effectively isolate garbage and its leachate from the ground, so the garbage can be separated from groundwater and rainwater, keep it dry, and do not contact with the air. Sample garbage does not decompose in large quantities. The main role of landfill  geomembrane in landfill closure treatment is firstly to reduce the environmental damage of garbage and the decomposition of sewage leachate; secondly, to effectively control the gas generated by garbage; finally, to isolate garbage from livestock and people, so that garbage will not cause serious harm to the surrounding.            

Our Thai customer is a professional geomembrane construction company. He has rich construction experience in landfill geomembrane construction. The Best Project Material Co., Ltd met with customer during the Bangkok Building Material Exhibition. By comparing the quality and price of BPM geomembrane products and local products, the customers decided to visit our factory in Shandong and signed an order for 2.0mm geomembrane.

Landfill Geomembrane For Waste Containment Project In Thailand

  • Total Geomembrane Quantity: 12,000m2
  • Specification: 2.0mm Landfill geomembrane
  • Each roll size: 7m*100m

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