Landfill cover system is often a series of layers of HDPE geomembrane liner working together to control some risks of such as the exposure in the sun, rain or the spread of gas or foul odors when storing of the mining ores or slag. The landfill cover system can be very low with proper engineering and construction. BPM Geosynthetics has been dedicated in manufacturing and supplying high quality HDPE geoemembrane landfill cover system for over 13 years. BPM landfill liner is manufactured with the highest quality virgin material, and the premium grade carbon black is used that incorporates a fine particle size for enhanced resistance to UV radiation. BPM landfill cover liner is used in applications that require excellent chemical resistance and endurance properties, and has a UV stabilized, green upper surface that improves the aesthetics of closure applications for the community, solid waste landfills, mining, etc. BPM landfifll geomembrane liner contains only the finest raw materials to enable exceptional elasticity, environmental stress crack resistance, and excellent multi-axial break resistance.

Landfill Cover System for Mining Project in Pakistan
Landfill Liner Cover System for Mining Project in Pakistan
Landfill Cover System for Mining Projects in Pakistan

BPM team received a geomembrane landfill liner inquiry from Pakistan. After communication, the customer has a mining project that requires a 2mm geomembrane for landfill cover system. The customer’s requirements for the landfill liner are very strict. The tensile strength and other indicators must be higher than the American standard. BPM team sent multiple third-party test reports of 2mm geomembrane landfill liner to the customer. The customer was very satisfied with the value of the test report and proposed that a sample is required for testing. Then BPM team sent geomembrane landfill liner sample to the customer. After the sample, the test was qualified, the customer quickly confirmed the order, and the customer also purchased E-LOCK and geomembrane welding machine

Specifications of Landfill Cover System for Mining Project in Pakistan

  • Landfill Cover Liner thickness – 2mm
  • Each Roll Size – 7×50m
  • Total Quantity – 190,000 square meters

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