Impermeable geotextile is combined with geotextile and geomembrane composite made of impervious materials. Impermeable geotextile may be used for seepage control to prevent contamination of soil or groundwater from pollutants above or to prevent the loss of potable water due to evaporation or contamination. Impermeable geotextile is divided into one geotextile layer with one geomembrane layer, or one geotextile with two geomembranes, the general wide is 4-6m, and weight is 200-1500gsm, the indexes of physical and mechanical tensile and tearing resistance, bursting properties such as high to meet the civil engineering, water conservancy, municipal construction, traffic, subway, tunnel etc. Because of geotextile is generally used 150 grams or 200 grams, PET material, and the production process of anti-aging agent, it can be used in unconventional temperature environment.

Dam engineering is an important project in water conservancy project. Engineering durability, resistance to the ability of poor, impervious effect i in the dam are often encountered problems. Therefore, the impermeable geotextile are integrated with impermeability, anti-filtration, drainage, reinforcement, protection and other aspects, and have the advantages of tensile resistance, tear resistance and jacking, which can play a very good role in impermeability reinforcement of dams.

Impermeable Geotextile for Dam Project in Peru
Impermeable Geotextile for Dam Projects in Peru
Impermeable Geotextile Fabric for Dam Project in Peru

BPM customers from Peru got a dam project, the construction of the dam is very strict quality requirements, through our website to know impermeable geotextile and contact BPM salesman, our salesman dam designed drawing according to the geographical environment. And BPM recommended impermeable geotextile compsed of two geotextiles one geomembranes. The geotextile is PET 200 gsm, and the geomembrane is white 0.7 mm geomembrane. We sent the samples. The customer carried out a test after the customer received it, it met their engineering requirements very well, and the customer finally purchased two 40HQ containers for the first order.

Specifications Impermeable Geotextile for Dam Project in Peru

  • Total Impermeable Geotextile quantity – 40000 square meters
  • Composite Geomembrane – 1100gsm
  • Each roll size – 6m*50m

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