HDPE waterproofing membrane is made from high polyethylene raw material, adding 2%-3% carbon black, antioxidant, anti-aging and UV-resistance component. BPM HDPE waterproofing geomembrane is adopted the first class automatic production equipment and three-layer pressing technology, which has good heat and cold resistance, good chemical stability, high rigidity and toughness, and resistance to acid, alkali, organic solute and other corrosion. BPM HDPE waterproofing membrane has the advantages of high strength, good ductility, strong anti-seepage ability and good chemical stability.

The HDPE waterproofing membrane is widely used in the anti-seepage engineering of sewage treatment as the anti-seepage layer, isolation layer and lining layer, which can provide  sewage Treatment projects maximum and reliable leakage protection for environment. BPM  HDPE waterproofing geomembrane has excellent impermeability, elongation, conformity, and weld abilities which can offer stable steep slope lining and strong protection to avoid leakage, stress cracking for sewage treatment. As the one of the leading HDPE geomembrane manufactures, wholesalers and exporters, BPM had been always providing the best quality HDPE waterproofing membrane for worldwide waste containment including landfill liner system and landfill cap covers.

The purpose of sewage treatment is to separate the pollutants in sewage by some means, or to decompose them into harmless and stable substances, so as to purify the sewage. In general, it is necessary to prevent the infection of poisons and germs; to avoid the visible objects with different smell and bad feeling, so as to meet the requirements of different uses.

Advantages of HDPE waterproofing Membrane 

  • Excellent anti seepage properties.
  • High strength.
  • Good ductility. Good surface adaptability and weather resistance.
  • Good anti-seepage capacity: the permeability coefficient is less than 1 × 10-13 cm/s.
  • Good chemical stability. the softening point of HDPE is about 121 ℃, and the cold embrittlement point is about – 120 ℃. HDPE has strong resistance to inorganic acids, organic acids, inorganic salts, alcohols, aldehydes, amines, esters, oils, etc. it can work for more than 50 years in sewage environment.
  • Good anti ultraviolet aging property. the carbon black added in HDPE waterproof geomembrane formula has the ability of anti ultraviolet.
HDPE Waterproofing Membrane Liner for Sewage Treatment in South Africa
HDPE Waterproofing Membrane for Sewage Treatment Project in South Africa
HDPE Waterproofing Membrane for Sewage Treatment in South Africa

BPM South Africa customer sent us an inquiry about a large quantity of 2mm black HDPE smooth geomembrane by eamil. BPM team replied the customer with competitive price in the same day. Through communication, we learned that the customer needed black HDPE smooth geomembrane used for sewage treatment, they compared the price with other suppliers, the South Africa customer usually purchase the large quantity HDPE geomembrane liner for Bidding projects. They have high requirements for quality. According to all the requirements, they asked for the technical parameters of 2mm black HDPE smooth geomembrane. BPM sent the TRI test reports together with the technical parameters. The customer was satisfied with our professional. After three days later, they ordered 13965 square meters HDPE waterproofing membrane.

Specifications of HDPE Waterproofing Membrane for Sewage Treatment in South Africa

  • HDPE Waterproofing Membrane thickness – 2.0 mm
  • Total Quantity – 13,965 Square meters
  • Roll Size – 7m*105m

About BPM

BPM manufactures and supplies many types of effective and state of the art geomembranegeotextile and geosynthetics products to over 36 countries. Our main innovative, high quality geosynthetics products include geomembrane, geotextiles, geocell, geosynthetic clay liners (GCLs), drainage boards, geogrids, etc. BPM brand brand high quality geosynthetic products had been certificated by the ISO9001, ISO14001,OHSAS18001 Soncap, SASO and BV, SGS and Intertek, etc.

BPM geomembranes mainly include Smooth Geomembrane HDPE Liner, HDPE Textured Geomembrane, Composite Geomembrane Liner, etc.  The smooth geomembrane is available in three different colors such as black, white and green. The textured geomembrane HDPE Liner can be fabricated with single or double-sided surface.

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