Case analysis

  • Location: Jordan
  • Product: 2.0mm HDPE Textured Geomembrane
  • Project: Landfill

Project Introduction

Amman Province is located in an environmentally sensitive area and is therefore subject to close Environment Agency supervision. The vicinity of the landfill is an important requirement for residential and commercial waste treatment facilities. The landfill project also accepts waste from Zarqa and this volume of waste means that additional capacity is required. The local government of Amman contacted a local professional construction company to design a new unit for this landfill.


The local government will develop a new 45m deep quarry landfill project using geosynthetics that are cost-effective enough for such depth applications. The requirement was to design a geosynthetic liner solution system (GCL and HDPE membranes) consisting of a composite liner, geocomposite steep 1 in 2,5 base side drainage/protective layer slope and drainage stones (10/20mm layer less than 20/40mm granite). The geocomposite drainage/protection layer will be exposed to the sun for several months until the disposal is placed, so must be highly UV stable. In addition to demonstrating adequate protection for geomembranes, geocomposites need to pass a cylinder test to meet EPA standards. In addition, the geocomposite must resist long-term compressive creep under the pressure of 45m litter.

HDPE Textured Geomembrane for landfill in Jordan
Textured Geomembrane for landfill Project in Jordan


Designers worked with BPM to develop a geosynthetic drainage and protection solution that would provide the puncture resistance and fluidity needed to ensure effective geomembrane protection and leachate drainage. BPM’s Non Woven Geotextile geocomposite drainage layer with enhanced protection and UV resistance was specified and installed over a 2mm HDPE textured geomembrane on the steep side of the continuous downslope. SIM testing confirms compression creep of less than 20% over 120 years. Cylinder test results by the Environment Agency and stone material from this site indicate sufficient puncture resistance and protection performance to achieve the required safety factor and 1,200kPa pressure (2.5 times the working load) for installations at a depth of 45m.


Textured geomembrane is an extremely low permeability synthetic membrane lining or barrier used with any geotechnical related material to control fluid (or gas) migration in a man-made project, structure or system. Geomembranes are made from relatively thin continuous polymer sheets, but they can also be made by impregnating geotextiles with bitumen, elastomer or polymer sprays, or as multilayer bituminous geocomposites. Continuous polymer sheet geomembranes are by far the most common.

  1. The materials used in the HDPE textured geomembrane are all raw materials. The principle of anti-seepage is ordinary physical changes and does not produce any harmful substances. It is the first choice for breeding and drinking pools.
  2. High mechanical strength. HDPE textured geomembrane has good mechanical strength, the tensile strength at break is 28MP, and the elongation at break is 700%.
  3. Good welding effect. HDPE textured geomembrane is welded with a special welding machine, and the welding effect is very good. The strength of the weld is greater than that of the base material, and it is convenient for construction.
  4. Low cost and high benefit. HDPE textured geomembrane adopts new technology to improve the anti-seepage effect, but the production process is more scientific and fast, so the product cost is lower than traditional waterproof materials. According to actual calculations, the general engineering of HDPE anti-seepage membrane is used to save about 50% of the cost.
  5. Anti-aging performance. HDPE textured geomembrane has anti-aging, anti-ultraviolet and anti-decomposition capabilities, and can be used exposed, providing a good material for environmental anti-seepage.

7.Anti-plant root system. HDPE anti-seepage membrane has anti-puncture ability and can resist most plant root systems.

8.Fast construction speed. HDPE textured geomembrane has high flexibility. There are various specifications and laying forms to meet the anti-seepage requirements of different projects. It adopts hot-melt welding, high weld strength and convenient construction.


According to the experience of successful international cases, a layered anti-seepage structure layer with HDPE textured geomembrane as the core is adopted to form an isolation layer at the bottom and surrounding of the landfill to prevent leachate from polluting groundwater, reduce the amount of leachate produced, and achieve seepage. The split discharge of filtrate, surface water and groundwater can effectively achieve the purpose of anti-seepage and environmental protection. At present, geomembrane has been widely used in urban domestic waste landfills in various countries, and the design (thickness, strength, leakage, slope stability, etc.) and construction technology of geomembrane have been gradually mastered by engineering and technical personnel in various countries. The protection measures of geomembrane construction are very important. The construction unit needs to have a perfect construction organization design to ensure that the geomembrane will not leak due to damage by stones, sharp objects, and human factors.

Specifications of HDPE Textured Geomembrane for landfill Project in Jordan

  • Pruduct: HDPE Textured Geomembrane
  • Specification: 2.0 mm
  • Roll Size: 8m×105m
  • Quantity: 100000 square meters
HDPE Textured Geomembrane for landfill Project in Jordan

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