HDPE tank liner is the kind of high density geomembrane liner which offers the most cost effective anti seepage lining functions for water containment projects. In recent years, Indonesian shrimp culture has been so extensively enlarged for the emerging fish food market. The cultivation of shrimp fry requires high technical level and strict management measures. Its production indicators are survival rate is 80% to 95%, the shrimp body is healthy, disease-free, and the specifications are neat. To achieve these goals, first of all, the cultivation tanks are the most widely used container and the water must meet the standards such as sufficient water, fresh water, and convenient drainage and drainage. The HDPE tank liner is the ideal anti seepage material widely used in shrimp fry tank projects.

The main advantages of HDPE tank liner for shrimp tank

  • Strong and sturdy.
  • Prevent weeds, grass, mud and other obstructive pollutants into the pond.
  • Reduces the adaptability of the environment to bacteria, thereby reducing
  • Protect slopes and banks from erosion.
  • Easy to detect and quickly remove sediment and waste
  • Avoid contact with soil and minimize water pollution.
  • Prevent waste from accumulating in the soil and prevent the leaching of harmful substance or chemicals enter the pond.
  • Improve shrimp growth while reducing the risk of disease.
HDPE Tank Liner for Shrimp Tank in Indonesia
HDPE Tank Liner for Shrimp Fry Tanks in Indonesia
HDPE Tank Liner for Shrimp Fry Tank in Indonesia

The surface of the HDPE tank liner is lubricated, and the bottom of the tank is easier to remove silt, disinfection operation, saving time and effort; the anti-seepage film has a small penetration, and the groundwater is used to replace it, and the water temperature rises rapidly. A tank liner set at the bottom of the shrimp pond can isolate microorganisms and pathogens from contact with the soil at the bottom of the fish pond, thereby avoiding water purification and controlling water quality. Due to the high dilution of the HDPE tank liner, the temperature of water in the tank rises faster than the traditional earthen nursery pond. In addition, good water quality greatly promotes the growth of shrimp fry, prolongs the reproduction cycle, and improves the survival rate.

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