HDPE geoemembrane pondliner is the widely used and cost effective anti seepage lining geosynthetic material for fish or shrimp farm ponds. BPM geomembrane pond liner Philippines is produced from high density polyethylene resin by film-blowing process, adding carbon black, antioxidant, anti-aging and UV-resistance component. BPM HDPE geomembrane pondliner is specially formulated to be nontoxic to aquatic life and offers excellent resistance to most oils and chemicals, it can keep water in and dangerous materials out and prevent contamination from everything from fuel to fertilizer. HDPE geomembrane liner, especially 30 mil pond liner, can be used as the preferred material for seepage prevention for the fish or shrimp farming ponds. Because geomembrane Pond liner has a significant anti-seepage effect, Geomembrane Pond liner is relatively simple to install and construct, and its economic cost is relatively affordable, so it is an ideal anti-seepage material.

1. Why Chose HDPE Geomembrane Pondliner Philippines for Shrimp Project

The Philippines is an archipelago country with rich aquatic biological resources. Its sea area is approximately 7 times the land area, and its coastline is 36,289 kilometers long. Brackish water pond farming occupies the dominant position in the country’s aquaculture. At present, pond farming, mollusc farming, cage and net farming, algae farming and marine aquaculture have been developed. The Philippines is a pioneer in shrimp farming. The cultured species mainly include Penaeus monodon, Penaeus moji, Penaeus indicus and Penaeus neoformans.

Although aquaculture in the Philippines has a long history and has been developing very fast, the backward technology and equipment have restricted the development of aquaculture in the Philippines to a certain extent. In order to solve this problem, the Philippine government has made a lot of efforts to make the output of aquaculture fishery grow rapidly. Philippine government has increased the export of aquatic products in recent years, especially the export of aquaculture products.

HDPE Geomembrane Pondliner for Shrimp Farming Project in Philippines
HDPE Geomembrane Pond liner for Shrimp Farming in Philippines
HDPE Pond liner for Shrimp Farming in Philippines
Geomembrane Pondliner for Shrimp Farming in Philippines

Shrimp pond needs to industrially supply shrimp feed, fertilize ponds to promote microbial growth, oxygenate, and regularly change water. There is also a need to prevent the accumulation of waste in the soil, as well as prevent harmful chemicals such as ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, acids, iron and other potentially harmful compounds from entering the pond. Because of this, geomembrane pond liner has been widely used and played a key role in the construction of shrimp ponds due to its good resistance to environmental stress cracking, tensile properties, puncture resistance, excellent impermeability.

From the perspective of geomembrane pond liner product raw materials, BPM geomembrane pond liner use imported new material. In terms of production equipment, BPM geomembrane pond liner production uses full computer control and the most advanced automatic production equipment in the world. The geomembrane pond liner product quality is very stable. BPM geomembrane pondliner is 100% in line with international standards. GRI-GM13 standards, BPM geomembrane pond liner has been certified by the GAI-LAP laboratory of IGS International Geosynthetics Association, and each roll is tested and tracked.

His friend hoped to purchase 0.75mm geomembrane pondliner for his shrimp pond project. The client is a company specializing in installing geomembrane pond liner and providing solutions for local shrimp farms . Since it is a newly established company, many professional problems customers have communicated with us, and we provided customers with the best solutions based on 10 years of experience. Philippines clients sent us the design drawing of the shrimp farm. We mailed geomembrane pond liner samples and test reports for him.  BPM Geosynthetics sent company profiles, application cases, and provided customers with factory pictures and product pictures of geomembrane pondliner. Online video introduction with customers about the factory and team. After customers learn more about BPM Geosynthetics,The customer was very satisfied with our service and the factory, and soon confirmed the order. The main problem encountered by the customer is the construction of the geomembrane Pond Liner. We also sent geomembrane pondliner Installation guide for him.

HDPE Geomembrane Pondliner for Shrimp Farming in Philippines
HDPE Pondliner for Shrimp Farming in Philippines
Geomembrane Pond liner for Shrimp Farming in Philippines
HDPE Geomembrane Pondliner for Shrimp Farming projects in Philippines

2. HDPE Geomembrane Pondliner Roll Construction Method

To ensure proper construction of an HDPE geomembrane pond liner roll, it is important to follow certain guidelines:

  • Transportation: Avoid dragging and hardening the high-quality geomembrane during transportation to prevent sharp stab wounds.
  • Extending the liner: The liner should extend from the bottom of the pond to the highest position. Avoid pulling it too tight and leave a 1.50% margin to accommodate partial sinking and stretching.
  • Slope direction: Consider the project’s conditions and lay the liner from top to bottom, taking into account the slope’s direction.
  • Longitudinal joints: Ensure that the longitudinal joints of adjacent frames do not align horizontally. They should be staggered by more than 1 m to maintain strength and integrity.
  • Placement: Position the longitudinal joint at least 1.50 m away from the dam foot and bent foot, and ensure it is set on a plane.
  • Slope laying: Begin laying the liner from the field’s bottom, and when working on slopes, ensure the film’s direction is parallel to the maximum slope line.

By following these construction methods, the installation of the HDPE geomembrane pond liner can be carried out effectively and with optimal performance.

3. HDPE Geomembrane Pond Liner Seaming Procedure

  1. Hot wedge welding process including: pressure adjustment, temperature setting, overlap checking, insert geomembrane liner into welding machine, starting motor, pressing and welding.
  2. Prior to seaming, the seaming area is free of moisture, dust, dirt, sand or debris of any nature.
  3. Before welding, test seam by one 0.9m×0.3m specimen and overlap not less than 10cm.After that, test the peel strength and shear strength. When approved, official welding can be performed according to the prior settings and mark the date, time and ambient temperature.
  4. Seam line should be tidy and free of slide welding.
  5. No wrinkle is allowed. When laying geomembrane pondliner variations should be set aside according to temperature andproperty requirement.
  6. After welding, test should be adopted to examine the welding quality.

4. Key Benefits of HDPE Geomembrane PondLiner for Shrimp Ponds

  • Water quality stability. The use of HDPE geomembrane pondliner can maintain the balance of water quality, reduce changes in water conditions, and reduce the cost and time of water quality control.
  • Oxygen content. The use of HDPE geomembrane pond liner can reduce the loss of oxygen caused by infiltration into the soil, facilitate the monitoring of the oxygen content in the water, and reduce the cost of supplementing oxygen in fish ponds.
  • Reduce maintenance cost. HDPE geomembrane pond liner, can inhibit the growth of algae in water, easy to clean. Since the geomembrane pond liner itself contains UV-resistant additives, the geomembrane pond liner is not afraid of the sun and is easy to maintain.Due to the low maintenance cost and time, fishing can be carried out conveniently.
  • System stability. Compared with digging a pond directly, using HDPE geomembrane pondliner can stabilize the slope. It is beneficial to eliminate the threats caused by wind, rain, waves and other natural conditions to the fish pond, and maintain the system stability at the time of design to prevent the loss of farmed crops due to the damage caused by the environment in the fish pond. In addition, the use of HDPE geomembrane pond liner can make the pond have steep slopes and depth, which is equivalent to increasing production in disguise. The stability of the system, of course, also reduces the cost of maintaining the earthwork of the fish farm.
  • Disease hazard. After using HDPE geomembrane pondliner, keep fish and shrimp healthy growth. Since the contact between the soil and the water is blocked, the chemical substances in the soil and the germs will not be transmitted to the pond, reducing the possibility of disease transmission. It can be said that the use of HDPE geomembrane pond liner reduces the cost of medicines for fish farming and the risk of large-scale fish and shrimp deaths due to disease.
  • Increase output. After using HDPE geomembrane pondliner, there will be no weeds, sludge and other things affecting the fishing speed at the bottom of the pond, so fishing can be carried out efficiently. The fishing time will be greatly reduced, and the vitality and freshness of fish and shrimp will be greatly enhanced.

5 About BPM Geosynthetics

BPM has been specializing in delivering one stop geosynthetics products and solutions to worldwide customers since its foundation in 2007. BPM had provided many types of effective and state of the art geomembranes, geotextiles, geocells, geosynthetic clay liners (GCLs), drainage boards, geogrids to over 81 countries.

BPM is not only manufacturing best quality geosynthetic products but also providing professional design and installation service. OEM, ODM, custom development and fabrication are also available. If you have any questions or inquiries,  please contact us, we will reply as soon as possible.