The effects of using HDPE geocell grid for slope protection is contrary to the traditional method such as concrete cell. The use of HDPE geocell for slope  protection not only reduces soil erosion, but also improves the original ecological environment.  The reason is that geocell slope protection is a new type of slope protection combined with grass planting, on the one hand, the friction between the sidewall of the geocell and the soil and the lateral constraint of the geocell grid to the soil.  Under the action of force, the geocell changes the flow direction of the slope water flow, prolongs the flow path of the water flow, so that part of the water flow energy can be consumed in the cell, and the runoff and flow velocity can be reduced, which has a good energy dissipation effect. HPDE geocell grid can reduce the erosion of the slope by the water flow; on the other hand, it can beautify the environment and is conducive to the restoration of the ecological environment of the slope.

The geocell material itself has the charateristics of high strength and other mechanical properties such as good corrosion resistance and aging resistance, good toughness and erosion resistance, while the geocell is also resistant to temperature changes.   Due to the structural characteristics of the geocell grid itself, the flow velocity can be slowed down, the water flow energy can be reduced, and the water flow can be dispersed, thereby reducing the erosion effect of the water flow on the slope soil, and the geocell has a good adhesion to the soil.  Moreover, for the backfilled earth in the geocell, some soil suitable for greening plants can be used, which can improve the vegetation coverage on the surface of the slope, which not only enhances the anti-scour ability of the soil surface but also plays a greening environment.  The role of continuous slope protection.  At the same time, the geotechnical compartment has good protection effect, quick effect and small investment. The geogrid compartment is much lower than the common concrete compartment slope protection in the cost, and only needs proper seasonal maintenance in the later stage.

HDPE Geocell Grid for Slope Protection in Norway
HDPE Geocell for Slope Protection in Norway
HDPE Geocell Grid for Slope Protection Project in Norway

The HDPE geocell grid can effectively reduce the scouring of the slope soil by rainwater flow and splashing, can reduce the erosion and improve the erosion resistance of the slope soil, and can effectively disperse the runoff of the slope and make the water flow relatively uniform.  Disperse the flow to reduce the depth of the soil gully.  When the slope is ecologically protected, the anti-scour ability is better than the commonly used materials such as diamond-shaped wire mesh.

Norway clients is a famous construction company. The local chilly climate and mountain terrain need more stable slope especially vegetation wall to resist the snow slide climate. The geocell grid is the best solution to slope protection,with its feature of cost effective and easy to install. The effect also testify the geocell grid indeed the good slope protection material.

The clients choose 150mm height HDPE textured geocell grid to be tested,t hey made an order of 200 square meters as the trial order. After the field experimentation, the geocell stood and passed the test, they ordered 13000 square meters.

Specifications of HDPE Geocell Grid for Slope Protection in Norway

  • Project Place: Norway
  • HDPE Geocell Grid Size:150-600
  • Total Geocell Quantity: 13,000 sqaure meters

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