HDPE dam liners are the HDPE geomembranes which are often made made from high density polyethylene raw material, adding carbon black, antioxidant, anti-aging and UV-resistance components. BPM dam liners adopt the first class automatic production equipment and three-layer extruding technology. All HDPE dam liner is produced according with GRI GM13 test standard. Because of the geographical location and drought climate conditions, there are large requirements in Morocco for HDPE dam liners for Agricultural irrigation water storage dam. BPM brand HDPE dam liner can provide an impermeable barrier for water retention superior to concrete or asphaltic lining in both cost and lower permeability, so 1.0mm HDPE dam liner is the ideal geosynthetic products  as agricultural irrigation water storage dam liner in Morocco.

HDPE Dam Liners for Irrigation Project in Morocco
HDPE Dam Liners for Irrigation Storage Project in Morocco

Our customer had used European-made HDPE geomembrane liner before. Considering the final cost and our HDPE dam liner quality, he asked for thickness 1.0mm ASTM standard smooth geomembrane liner samples for testing and inspection. Finally, he ordered 1.0mm HDPE dam liner from us.

Specifications of HDPE Dam Liners for Irrigation Water Storage Project in Morocco

  • Total geomembrane quantity – 25,000 m2
  • Each roll size 5.8m*100m
  • HDPE dam liner thickness – 1.0mm
HDPE Dam Liners for Irrigation Water Storage Project in Morocco

About BPM

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