Geotextile liner is made with 100 percent polypropylene fibers that are mechanically interlocked by needle punching or heat setting. This proprietary manufacturing process creates very compact three dimensional fabrics that are highly permeable and extremely tough. Since geotextile liner is a petrochemical-based polymer that is essentially chemically and biologically inert, it will resist decomposition by bacterial or fungal action. BPM geotextiles are available in varying strengths and thicknesses to ensure appropriate material selection for your requirements. Geotextile sheet allowed filtration or separation of granular layers in roads and rail applications. Geotextile membrane is widely used to protect membranes in landfill applications, used in coastal defence applications and used in landscaping to protect surfaces and structures from weeds and root growth.

Geotextiles Liner for Road Construction
Geotextiles Liner for Road Construction Project

Geotextile liner applications are designed to separate soil and gravel separate. By keeping the soil and gravel separated, the fabric improves the stability, load bearing capacity, and drainage of the site. Geotextile fabric is often installed as a layer forms a barrier against the movement or intermixing of the soil and gravel. In applications where gravel is placed on top of a soil layer, as in conventional driveways, roads, or graveled areas, the separation provided by the fabric helps the gravel maintain its position and design load bearing capacity throughout its life.
Our Qingdao customer wanted to purchase geotextile liner for road construction project on April, 2018. The Qingdao customer was satisfied with BPM geotextile liner production process, raw materials and product quality. In addition, we recommended our geotextile liner installation guide and we quoted them very competitive price. Based on the recognition of our product quality, our customers have established a good cooperative relationship with us and signed order quickly.

Specifications of Geotextile Liner for Road Construction in Qingdao

• Total quantity – 40,000m2
• Specification–200g/m2

Geotextiles Liner for Road Construction Project in Qingdao
Geotextiles Liner for Road Construction in Qingdao

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