Geonet drainage net, also called composite drainage net, is made of a unique tri-dimensional geonet heat bonded with a nonwoven needle-punched geotextile, which is coated on one side or both sides. It has the property of geotextile (filtration function) and geonet (drainage and protection) and provide a functional system filtration-drainage-protection.

Geonet drainage net core is extruded by high density polyethylene raw materials adding carbon black, ultraviolet and antioxidant stabilizer. The unique tri-dimension structure of geonet drainage net  can bear high compressed load in construction and remain the certain thickness. The interlaced geonet forms into a drainage channel which has good vertical drainage properties.

Geonet drainage net can provide an alternative to traditional materials required by current legislation for landfill construction. Indeed, BPM brand geonet drainage net enable the drainage of meteoric water, leakage and biogas in cover systems both bottom and side slopes. Our geonet drainage net products are wildly used in erosion control, foundation wall drainage, landfill leakage collection, leakage detection, methane gas collection, pond leak detection, roadway and pavement drainage and other subsurface drainage system applications.

Geonet Drainage Net For Landfill In Philippines
composite Drainage Net For Landfill In Philippines
Geonet Drainage For Landfill In Philippines

The landfill project is located in Manila Philippines. The Philippines generates about 35,000 tons of garbage daily, and more than 8,600 tons per day in Metro Manila alone. our customer’s landfill project needs the drainage system, finally they chosen geonet drainage net as the main drainage medium. The customer was very satisfied with our BPM product because after long-term use, the effect of drainage was reliable. it has the comprehensive characteristics of filtration, good drainage, air permeability, high strengthen and protection reinforcement. It is an ideal new drainage geosynthetics for landfill projects.

Specifications of Geonet Drainage Net For Landfill Project

•Total quantity – 15,000 m2

•Each roll size 4.5m*50m

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