Geocomposite drainage net, also called drainage net, is made of a unique tri-dimension geonet with double-sided thermally heat-bonded nonwoven geotextile on both sides or one side. Geocomposite drainage net has the property of geotextile (filtration function) and geonet (drainage and protection) and remains the certain thickness. Geocomposite drainage net provides good water conductivity. Geocomposite drainage net is widely used as such application as landfill drainage for roadbed and road drainage, railway drainage, tunnel drainage, underground structure drainage, retaining back wall drainage, gardens and sports grounds drainage, etc.

The special structure of geocomposite drainage net features good drainage and filtration functions. The outer layer of nowoven geotxtile has good filtration, separation and protection functions. The three dimensional structure of geocomposite drainage net is distinguished by its good drainage system. So the drainage net is widely used in some landfill, dam, railway station projects, etc.

Geocomposite Drainage Net for Dam Construction Project in Guizhou
Geocomposite Drainage Net for Dam Project in Guizhou
Geocomposite Drainage Net for Dam Construction in Guizhou

A huge dam project was planned to be built in Guizhou province, China. Keeping the stored water from leakage is the most important for the dam design and construction, so they select 1.0mm HDPE smooth geomembrane as waterproof bottom lining system and nonwoven geotextile to protect geomembrane from scratch or damage.

For the drainage system, they choose geocomposite drainage net as the water draining layer. We recommended 750gsm HDPE geonet composite layer with 200gsm nonwoven geotextile to the dam construction company.The width is 4.6m and the length is 50m. Finally, they placed an order for 130,000 square meters.

Specification of Geocomposite Drainage Net for Dam Project in Guizhou

  • Quantity – 130,000 square meters.
  • Roll size – 4.6m*50m

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