Geocell slope stabilization product is the cost effective geosythetic products which is widely used in construction for erosion control, soil stabilization on flat ground, shorelines, steep slopes, multi-layered retaining walls, channel protection and structural reinforcement for heavy duty load support roads and earth retention. It provides an expedient construction technique for access roads over soft ground without being adversely affected by wet weather conditions. BPM brand geocell slope stabilization products are made with finest quality high density polyethylene (HDPE) or elastic resin to ensure consistent, longer lasting performance with a wide range of cell sizes and depths to meet your project and civil engineering application requirements. Geocell products have following features.

  1. It can stretch and stretch freely, and it can be extended into a net during construction, and be filled with loose materials such as soil, gravel and concrete, forming a structure with strong lateral restriction and large stiffness.
  2. Light material, wear resistance, chemical stability, light and oxygen aging resistance, acid and alkali resistance, suitable for different soil and desert soil conditions.
  3. Higher lateral limit and anti-skid, anti deformation, effectively enhance the bearing capacity of subgrade and the effect of scattered load.
  4. Changing the height of geocell and welding distance can meet different engineering needs.
  5. The transportation volume is small, the connection is convenient and the construction speed is fast.

Application of geocell products

  1. It is used to stabilize the subgrade of national railway.
  2. It is used to stabilize soft foundation of highway
  3. It is used to bear the embankment and retaining wall.
  4. Used to support pipes, roads and sewers.
  5. Mixed retaining wall for preventing landslide and loaded gravity
  6. 6. It is used for independent wall, wharf, flood dike, etc.
Geocell Slope Stabilization for Highway Projects in USA
Geocell Slope Stabilization Product for Highway Project in USA
Geocell Slope Stabilization for Highway Project in USA

BPM USA client found us on this website and sent an inquiry to us. As a professional geocell manufacturers, we actively followed up with customers and understood that the customer got a highway project. Engineering design needed to use 102*330mm of geocell, and geocell samples are required to test various indicators. The BPM team actively prepared the requirements according to customer requirement, samples are sent to the customer’s address for free. All indicators of BPM geocell was in compliance with the design specifications. USA client actively fed back the sample testing situation. A few months later, because of reasonable product quotation, years of construction and production experience, and excellent product quality, we successfully signed contracts with USA client.

Specifications of Geocell Slope Stabilization for Highway Project in USA

  • Geocell Specifications – 102mm*330mm
  • Welding Distance– 330mm
  • Total Quantity – 8,877 square meters

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