Flexible pond liner is the kind of HDPE geomembrane liner which is used as the anti seepage lining system for fish farm pond.  Flexible pond liner generally has serve ecological needs like habitat restoration or water retention to fulfill human needs such as keeping water not polluted and in stable condition for farming. In every case, flexible pond liner is important in pond constructions to manage everything from water quality and nutrient levels, to water retention and leakage.

Flexible pond liner is both tough and flexible, with high resistance to chemicals and corrosion. Flexible HDPE pond liners are among the most durable and long-lasting polyethylene liners on the market. They can be fusion welded together forming permanent seals in the field.  HDPE liners are safe for both fish and shrimps. Overall, HDPE pond liner has good impermeability and highest service lifespan. Fish flexible pond liner is among the most essential elements in water containment. It is also widely used in aquaculture, landfill sites, tailings storage sites, canal seepage prevention, dam seepage prevention and subway engineering, etc.

Flexible Pond Liner for Fish Farm in Pakistan
Flexible Pond Liner for Fish Farm Project in Pakistan
Flexible Pond Liner for Fish Pond in Pakistan

Pakistan has abundant marine and fresh water resources, especially cold water resources, which is suitable for the development of cold water fish farming. The customer has two fish ponds, but it is not clear what thickness of geomembrane pond liner to choose and how to use it. BPM sent our HDPE geomembrane pond liner product catalogs and detailed introductions to customers, and recommendations were made to customers according to their needs. And BPM sent the HDPE pond liner product usage video to the customer for reference. Customer had a very detailed understanding of the pond liner products and are very satisfied with our service. In the end, the customer successfully confirmed the order for 97,500 square meters flexible pond liner.

Specifications of Flexible Pond Liner for Fish Farm in Pakistan

  • Total geomembrane pond liner quantity – 97,500 square meters
  • Each roll size –  7m*100m
  • Geomembrane pond liner Thickness – 0.75mm

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