Filament geotextile fabrics are made from high quality virgin continuous filaments of polypropylene by extruding, laying into the web, needle-punched or heat bonding process, and being rolled into the finished product. The continuous filament geotextile fabric has the characteristics of excellent tear resistance, high puncture resistance, Excellent water permeability and filtration, and good acid and alkali resistance, etc. Filament non woven geotextile is often used  with soil, rock, earth, or any other geotechnical engineering-related material as an integral part of a human-made project, structure, or system, it is designed to filter soil particles from drainage systems and stabilize roadways to increase performance life.

Case Study

Client: Geobe Indonesia

Location: 12 B Central of Jakarta 10210 Indonesia

Product: PET Filament Geotextile (200g/m2, White,PET)

Application: Road Construction Project

Filament Geotextile Fabric for Road Construction Project in Indonesia
Filament Geotextile Fabric for Road Construction Projects in Indonesia


PET filament geotextiles are widely used in highway construction. It is designed to filter soil particles from drainage systems and stabilize roadways to increase performance life. Non woven geotextile is ideal for a variety of civil engineering applications including subsurface drainage, roadway separation and stabilization, underground detention & retention system, etc. It can be used as a rapid dewatering layer in the roadbed and the geotextile needs to maintain its permeability without losing its separation function.In a word, the use of non woven geotextiles is to prevent soil erosion and roadbed from collapsing due to rainwater scouring. Road construction is mainly new road laying and old road transformation, new road laying is mainly subgrade treatment, the filament geotextile is used between different material layers to reinforce, isolate, increase the shear strength of subgrade soil, maintain the strength of different material layers. The geotextile solution must be to increase the tensile strength to strengthen the soil, prevent soil erosion, and prevent the roadbed from collapsing due to the erosion of rain.

Solution of Filament Geotextile Fabric for Road Construction Project in Indonesia

PET filament geotextile is a kind of permeable geosynthetic material which is light weight, good overall continuity, easy construction, high tensile strength, corrosion resistance. Increasing the applied load of the sample makes the short side of the trapezoidal geotextile tear slowly along the direction of the cut to the long side until the fracture.

We provided 200g/m2 filament geotextiles for our client’s highway projects, which can strengthen the soil by increasing the tensile strength. Used as a rapid dewatering layer in the subgrade, filament non woven geotextiles needed to maintain their permeability without losing their separation function.In a word, the use of geotextiles is to prevent soil erosion and roadbed from collapsing due to rainwater scouring.


PET filament geotextile is the ideal geotechnical material to reinforce, protect, drain, isolate, filter and shape the pavement, which improves the quality of the project, prolongs the life of the project, shortening the construction time and reducing the project cost.

Filament Geotextile for Road Construction Project in Indonesia

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