Drainage cells with geotextile are the ideal and lightweight three dimensional geocomposite used for subsurface water management. The HDPE drainage cell belongs to the rapid filtration water cut-off board which is moulded into a unique profile and then wrapped in a filtration geotextile which then provides a complete void space for the water to travel horizontally without any obstruction. The drainage cells with geotextile are mainly made of high-toughness and high-strength polypropylene injection molding, with extremely high compressive strength, no deformation and no cracking which have the features good water permeability, large drainage, simple and fast construction, and good safety. The upper and lower layers can be covered with a layer of geotextile, which is suitable for underground drainage and large-area wall drainage.

The drainage cells with geotextile are widely used for roads, railway subgrades, pavements, dams and slope protection layers diversion and drainage construction. Drainage cells are easy to install, simple and convenient, with few construction procedures and short construction periods, and truly no cement The mortar construction technology has the advantages of low overall project cost; large drainage, no blockage; reusable, maintenance-free after construction, low operating cost, etc.; and the surface of the combined drainage ditch can be completely greened, which can be integrated with the landscape and prevent soil and water Drain, very environmentally friendly and energy-saving.

Drainage Cells with Geotextile for Roof Garden Projects in Singapore
Drainage Cells with Geotextile for Roof Garden Project in Singapore
Drainage Cell for Roof Garden Project in Singapore

The BPM team received an inquiry from a Singaporean customer. The customer needed a drainage cell for the drainage of the park green space. The BPM team referred to the engineering design drawings, the customer’s requirements and project budget. The BPM team recommended a 50cm drainage cell with 200gsm filament geotextile to the customer, and mailed a sample to the customer. After receiving the sample, the customer was satisfied with the product, and then confirmed the order. The BPM team conducted all the construction instructions for the project.

Specifications of Drainage Cells with Geotextile for Roof Garden Project in Singapore

  • Drainage cell size – 500mm*500mm*30mm
  • Drainage cellsTotal quantity – 1400 m
  • Total quantity 200gsm Geotextile – 1400m
  • One 40HQcontainer

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