Drain cell, also drainage cell, is made of high polyethylene raw material in a flexible, honeycomb design of sub­soil HDPE modular drainage layer. BPM brand drain cell has a flat black which is pressed against an underground structure such as a basement wall or subsurface footing providing high compressive strength yet lightweight modules for sub­surface drainage purpose. Drain cell is the suitable geotechnical material that can create a permanent, non-clogging void between the concrete slab and the soil profile that will not collapse or distort. The pressure of backfilled soils holds the drainage cell in place. The optimized void enables a direct flow of water to designated outlets avoiding the risk of water build-up and penetration. The large surface and capacity void space enables superior drainage efficiency compared to the small voids created by using a gravel system. Generally, there will cover a layer of filtration geotextile upon the drainage core to allow the unrestricted flow of moisture into the core, while it restricts the passing of soil particles which may clog the core. It’s a good choice for vertical applications where require moderate compressive strength and flow capacity are adequate.

Drain Cell for Synthetic Turf Sports Fields in Australia

Drain Cell Features

  • Efficiently drains water while retaining an moisture level
  • Drain cell is engineered to be used in drainage-critical applications such as planter boxes and roof sports fields due to its strong structural design.
  • Drain cell can be versatile installed horizontally or vertically.
  • Efficient installation and infiltration.
  • BPM HDPE drain cell is indefinitely biological resistant.

There are two kind of standard drainage cell made of by BPM, one is 400mm*400mm*30mm and another is 500mm*500mm*30mm.

Drainage Cell for Synthetic Turf Sports Fields in Australia
Drain Cell for Turf Sports Fields in Australia

Our Australian customer found our product and send us an inquiry of 30mm drain cell. He wanted to use drainage cell under his synthetic turf sports fields. According to our rich industrial experience, we recommended 500mm*500mm*30mm  model for his project. On the one hand, 500 type drainage cell use least piece to installation, on the other hand the compressive strength≥140kpa, it’s good apply for synthetic turf sports fields.

Details of Drain Cell for Synthetic Turf Sports Fields in Australia

  • Drain Cell Size: 500mm*500mm*30mm
  • Quantity: 40,000m2

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