The composite drainage nets are the geologically friendly synthetic material with drainage network sandwiched between the finished drainage network and geotextile base cloth bonded together by a special process.The drainage nets are made by add HDPE high-density polyethylene particles into the dryer to heat and stir to remove moisture, and then into the feeding mouth, extruded by spiral funnel to transverse high temperature feeding cylinder, and then step by step high temperature melt plasticizing through the mold extruded out of cooling stretch molding.

As global landfill, the demand for composite drainage net is more and more big, the composite drainage nets has higher drainage efficiency compared with the traditional sand gravel drainage system, and it has many features such as environmental protection, not blocking drainage channel, service life long advantages, which can save 30% of the cost, the composite drainage nets are the ideal drainage environmental geotechnical materials for the preferred landfills and waste landfill site. It also has the following characteristics.

  • Strong drainage capacity, can bear long-term high pressure load.
  • Very high bit tensile strength and shear strength.
  • Reduce the probability of geotextiles embedded into the core, can protect the long-term stability of water conductivity.
  • Three-dimensional composite drainage net can bear more than 2000kPa compression load.
  • Far more than ordinary drainage network compressiblecapacity.
Drainage Nets for Landfill Project in Malaysia
Composite Drainage Net for Landfill Project in Malaysia
Composite Drainage Nets for Landfill Project in Malaysia

BPM customer from Malaysia asked us for composite drainage net, he got a landfill project, BPM immediately asked the details of the project and communicated with customer, and we gave the pictures ans videos about the composite drainage net production process, product performance, specifications, etc., the customer requested to mail the samples for testing. One week later, the customer received the sample and was very satisfied with the test results. It is planned to order 50000 square meters first.

Specifications of Composite Drainage Nets for Landfill Project in Malaysia

  • Total Composite Drainage net quantity – 50000 square meters
  • Composite Drainage Net specification – 7mm HDPE Net composite 200g/m2 Filament Geotextile
  • Size  – 2m*30m

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