Composite drain netting is made from geonet bonding two layer of geotextile which combines the properties of geotextile filtration and geonet drainage and protection. The composite drainage net provides complete “Inverted filter-drainage to product” effect. Drain netting core is extruded by high density polyethylene raw materials adding carbon black and ultraviolet and antioxidant stabilizer. The interlaced net forms into a drainage channel which has good vertical drainage properties.

Indonesia has a vast territory, but the development of infrastructure construction is relatively lagging behind, which is a major bottleneck restricting Indonesia’s economic growth and investment environment improvement. Strengthening infrastructure construction is a major initiative of the local government, and it is also an important factor to ensure the long-term growth of Indonesia’s economy.Roads & Highways are the biggest area of investment, partly due to the rise of prosperity. Connecting towns, facilitating businesses are one goal of logistic companies. The transportation and logistic industry form the backbone of modern global product supply.

Composite Drain Netting Products for Roadbed Project in Indonesia
Composite Drainage Net Product for Roadbed Project in Indonesia


An Indonesian client undertook the construction of an intercity highway in Jakarta, and he needed composite drain netting product to enhance the drainage capacity of the roadbed. The local contractor got in touch with the partner to provide detailed technical requirements. According to the customer’s request, we recommended a composite drainage net with 6mm and 200g filament geotextile, and send the sample to the customer for testing, the final result meets the customer’s requirements and got the order.

Specifications of Composite Drain Netting Product for Roadbed Project in Indonesia

  • Thickness of drain net– 6mm
  • Total Quantity– 30000m2
  • Each Roll Size– 2m*30m


Composite drain netting has a three-layer special structure. The middle rib has high rigidity and is arranged longitudinally to form a drainage channel. The upper and lower ribs form a support to prevent the geotextile from being embedded in the drainage channel, and can maintain high drainage performance even under high load. Double-sided bonded water-seepage geotextile composite use, with “filtration-drainage-breathable-protection” comprehensive performance, is currently the most ideal drainage material. Product use: Mainly used in railway, highway, tunnel, municipal engineering, reservoir, slope protection and other drainage projects with remarkable effect.

In case of embankments over soft soils and in the areas with high water table, it is a good practice to provide a sand layer at the base of embankment (at the junction of subsoil and subgrade). This separator-cum-drainage layer of sand prevents fouling of subgrade with fine grained subsoil, reduces excess pore water pressure in the bank thereby increasing its’ stability and ensures uniform distribution of load over subsoil. In areas having scarcity of requisite quality of sand, requirement of sand can be reduced by laying a geocomposite layer, sandwiched between two sand layers of lesser thicknesses (about 75mm each), as basal layer of embankment

  • Embankment height savings up to 40%
  • High hydraulic and drainage properties
  • Cost effective & long lasting maintenance solution

Quick & easy installation

Composite Drain Netting Product for Roadbed Project in Indonesia

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