Product: PVC Geomembrane Liner

Application: Fish pond breeding project

Application location: Lima, Chile

Required product specifications: 78,400 square meters / 0.75mm  thickness geomembrane liner

Nowadays, PVC geomembrane liner has been widely used in various engineering fields such as waste containment, water containment, aquaculture, industrial project, energy project and mining project, etc. The pvc geomembrane liner has good anti-leakage performance and excellent long-lasting performance can alternatively protect groundwater resources from pollution. In fact, Pvc geomembrane liner is also used more and more in aquaculture fields such as fish ponds to replace other materials.

Application of PVC Geomembrane Liner in Chilean Fish Farming Projects
Applications of PVC Geomembrane Liner in Chilean Fish Farming Project

Specifications of of PVC Geomembrane Liner in Chilean Fish Farming Project

BPM staff received information from the customer that the customer needed to build five fish ponds. After our calculations, about 784,00 square meters of geomembrane liner were needed. We recommend geomembrane liner with a thickness of 0.75mm to our customers

  • Total geomembrane liner quantity – 78,400  square meters
  • Each roll size – 7m*280m
  • Geomembrane liner Thickness – 0.75mm

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