Case study

  • Location: Philippines
  • Product: Polyester Filament  Geotextile
  • Purpose: Causeway Construction


Flood season in the Philippines is from June to August every year. Natural disasters and floods occur frequently, and flood prevention is required. The project of the Philippine client is located in a river where the water level rises during the flood season. Through investigation and online site surveys, we found that geotextile bags are used for flood control in other parts of the Philippines, but the location of this place is special. The back of the river is terraced. The area where the river flows through the terraces happens to be the shortest area from the local countryside to the city.

250gsm Non Woven Polyester Fabric for Causeway Construction Project in the Philippines
250gsm Non Woven Polyester Fabric for Causeway Construction in the Philippines


1) Investigation and product recommendation

Taking into account the special location of this place, our professional engineers suggested building a causeway here, which could prevent floods and make traffic more convenient, and promoted the economic interaction between the countryside and the city, but we needed to conduct accurate research. The global epidemic situation is still not optimistic. We contacted the engineers who purchased our geotextiles and asked them to test the soil moisture, soil density, soil pH, soil sand and gravel content, etc. of the customer’s river bank, and we also carried out Based on the online remote survey, combined with the local actual situation, it is concluded that the causeway can be built here. The best width of the causeway is 15 meters, and 250gsm of filament polyester geotextile is required. In order to facilitate the construction, we recommend to our customers The geotextile of 6m*100m size is 450,000 square meters in total.

2) Laying method

  1. Use manual rolling, the cloth surface should be flat, and the deformation allowance should be left appropriately.
  2. The filament geotextile used for the causeway is not exposed for a long time, and the installation adopts lap joint, and the lap side is 1.5 meters.
  3. For the safety of geotextile materials, open the packaging film before laying the geotextile, that is, spread one roll, unroll one roll, and inspect the appearance quality.
  4. After the laying is completed, carefully check whether there are any leaks, if any, timely repair


1)BPM filament non-woven geotextile is produced from polyester long fiber forming into net and consolidation with three dimension structure. It’s kind of new material in geotechnical and engineering project. Except for its good mechanical properties of tensile strength and puncture resistance, it also has good drainage ability, acid and alkali resistance and anti-aging. The wider opening size allows it has good permeability and filtration.

2) The embankment road is built along the river, and the backwater side often spreads farmland and agricultural production is more developed. Agricultural vehicles will drive into the embankment road to transport agricultural materials. At this time, the embankment road plays the role of agricultural production road. There are some villages, factories, enterprises and piers on both sides of the river bank. The beautiful scenery along the river and good road conditions will attract social vehicles to pass. In addition, the embankment roads may be incorporated into the local road traffic network and become the traffic arteries of the Hejiang River, which undertakes certain transportation tasks.

3) The causeway can prevent disasters. When disasters such as earthquakes, fires, floods, etc. occur, people can use the relatively empty and safe site of the road as a temporary shelter. The open environment and higher terrain around the embankment roads determine the role of disaster prevention and mitigation when disasters come. With the construction of the embankment road project, while ensuring the safety of the embankment, it can also rely on the embankment construction to drive local tourism, real estate and other related industries. City managers can use the unique public place of embankment roads to organize various social welfare activities such as holding bicycle races, opening flower viewing festivals, holding riverside scenery photography contests, and so on. In this way, the embankment road has become a green promenade, a leisure place, and an ecological park to provide more social services for the majority of urban residents.

4) The ability to integrate dikes, roads, and shops with the land along the river to form functions, spatial penetration, and the introduction of a large number of multi-functional social public services and activities can play a huge role in the development of the value of the land along the line and the construction of commercial outlets. Promoting role.

Specification of 250gsm Non Woven Polyester Fabric for Causeway Construction in Philippines

  • Total Filament Polyester Geotextile Quantity – 450,000 square meters
  • Grams Weight – 250gsm
  • Each Roll Size – 6m*100m
250gsm Non Woven Polyester Fabric for Causeway Construction in Philippines

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