1.5mm Smooth Membrane HDPE Liner for Reservoir Project in Australia

Smooth membrane HDPE liner, also known as smooth HDPE geomembrane liner, is very low permeability synthetic membrane liber or barrier with smooth surface. This kind of geosynthetic material is both rough and flexible. The smooth membrane HDPE liner is extremely cost effective and the preferred products for lining projects requiring low permeability, exceptional chemical and ultraviolet resistance properties. It is widely used across a variety of industries including waste containment, water containment, aquaculture, industrial project, energy project and mining project, etc.

Case study

  • Location: Australia
  • Product: Smooth Membrane HDPE Liner
  • Purpose: Reservoir

Issue:Serious water seepage occurred at the bottom of the reservoir.

The Australian client wanted to build a reservoir to provide irrigation and domestic water for the surrounding farmland. After detailed investigation and determining the construction location of the project, it was found that the local soil belongs to sandy soil mixed with rocks, and there were many deep cracks, the cracks were vertical and horizontal, and the gaps in the soil were also large, and there were rocks mixed in, and the person in charge of the project and related team members conducted infiltration experiments based on local conditions. This kind of soil was difficult to retain water and would penetrate directly into the soil through cracks and gaps.

Coupled with local climatic factors, the local climate was a temperate continental climate with less precipitation, coupled with the high temperature in summer, the amount of evaporation increases. The mountains in eastern Australia block it, and the water vapor from the ocean was also difficult to penetrate into the interior of the continent, which also caused inland drought.

Considering various local factors, the key to the construction of the reservoir was to prevent seepage at the bottom of the reservoir. The construction of the reservoir also played a vital role in the local life and production.

Based on the results of these investigations, the customer hoped to find an ideal impermeable material to solve this problem and retain the water in the reservoir. After the customer finds us, we also arranged a remote meeting between the counter and the customer. According to the customer budget, we formulated an anti-seepage plan for the customer.

Smooth Membrane HDPE Liner for Reservoir Projects in Australia
Smooth Membrane HDPE for Reservoir Project in Australia


According to the client’s penetration test results and the results of on-site surveys, it was clear that the foundation alluvial layer at the bottom of the reservoir existed extensive cracks. Address surveys showed that the clay layer on top of the foundation was highly cracked, which caused the ground to be unable to retain water. On the advice of the BPM technicians, the customer chose a smooth geomembrane HDPE liner with a thickness of 1.5mm to prevent the penetration of water in the reservoir. BPM HDPE geomembrane liner is added with anti-UV, anti-aging agents and other additives in the production process, which greatly improves the service life of the geomembrane. In addition, the BPM HDPE geomembrane has good puncture resistance, which can effectively prevent the damage of the geomembrane caused by small rocks and cause moisture to penetrate.

The BPM HDPE geomembrane for anti-seepage is laid on the bottom of the reservoir, welded with a BPM 900 series welding machine, and treated with a BPM 610A extrusion welding gun to the corners and T-welded seams to ensure that the connection is strong enough to prevent A leak has occurred. Customers hoped that we could deliver as soon as possible to help them solve the leakage problem of the reservoir as soon as possible, and quickly confirmed the order with us.


BPM smooth membrane HDPE lliner uses high-quality polyethylene virgin resin as raw material, adds carbon black, anti-aging agent, anti-ultraviolet absorber, stabilizer and other auxiliary materials formula, uses world-class fully automated geomembrane production equipment, through three-layer co-extrusion blow molding or calendering process technology, produced, is an effective waterproof barrier type engineering material.


Smooth membrane HDPE liner is a kind of waterproof barrier material based on high polymer polymer. Geomembrane liner with a thickness greater than or equal to 0.8mm can also be called a waterproof board. The main mechanism of the construction site is to block the leakage channel of the earth dam with the impermeable plastic film, and with its large tensile strength and elongation, it can withstand the water pressure and adapt to the deformation of the dam body.

Geomembrane has the advantages of small permeability coefficient, large elongation, good environmental protection benefits (compared to concrete and clay materials anti-seepage), light weight and softness, easy construction, strong regional adaptability, high factory production quality assurance rate, and more convenient operation and maintenance. In the field of anti-seepage, geomembrane has a wide range of applications ranging from roof waterproofing to dam anti-seepage. And in recent years, with the development of geomembrane material science and the improvement of geomembrane performance, the application of geomembrane has become more extensive and the scale of use has become larger and larger. In some large-scale water conservancy projects, such as dams, reservoirs, and dikes, the application prospect of geomembrane is very good. Geomembrane is more and more favored by engineering personnel due to its advantages of easy construction, short construction period, and low cost.

Smooth Membrane HDPE Liner for Reservoir Project in Australia

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