Drainage sheeting is composed by HDPE drainage board and thermally bonded filament non woven geotextile. Drainage sheeting can provide protection for green roof, retaining walls, underground buildings, roofing and decks with the function of drainage and filtration. BPM brand drainage sheeting is made from high density polyethylene heat bonded to polyester long fiber non woven geotextile fabric available in one single configuration. It is an air-gap membrane with a geotextile cloth on one side which provides a drainage path with the functions of drainage and filteration. Drainage sheet can be used for civil engineering projects such as retaining walls ,landscaping drainage, parking decks, etc.

Sheet drain for Tunnel Project in South Africa
Drainage Sheeting for Tunnel Project in South Africa

Our South African customer had a tunnel project in November 2017. His engineer required drainage boards, but they didn’t know which model they need. According to our project experience, we recommend our high quality drainage sheeting to them. Followed are the drainage sheet specifications.

Specifications of Drainage Sheeting for Tunnel Project

  • 10mm dimple height, 1mm flexible membrane with geotextile one one side.
  • Total Drainage sheeting quantity – 7000 m2
  • Each roll size 2.9m*30m
  • one 40HC container and one 20GP container
Drainage Sheet for Tunnel Project in South Africa
Drainage Sheeting loading for Tunnel Project in South Africa

After getting the goods, they were satisfied with our product quality. And they will place another drainage sheet order in the next month.

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