Custom made pond liners, also known as HDPE geomembrane pond liner, is the ideal geosynthetic material for anti seepage lining projects such as aquaculture farm, water containment, waste containment and landfill applications. HDPE custom made pond liners re essential part of any ponds which form a watertight barrier to retain water and prevent them seeping into the surrounding earth, the HDPE pond liner can also help to avoid unwanted plants from taking up. BPM HDPE Pond Liner uses high-quality polyethylene virgin resin as the raw material, adds carbon black, anti-aging agent, anti-ultraviolet absorber, stabilizer and other auxiliary materials, uses world-class fully automated production equipment, and is blow molded by three-layer co-extrusion process. The strict production process allows BPM geomembrane to have the following advantages in aquaculture applications:

  • The HDPE geomembrane pond liner can deal with the dirt in the pool and has the characteristics of good tensile resistance, impact resistance, tear resistance and high hydrostatic resistance.
  • HDPE geomembrane pond liner has outstanding effects in acid and alkali corrosion resistance, anti-microbial corrosion and anti-seepage.
  • HDPE geomembrane pond liner can cut off the spread of virus and play a disinfecting role.
  • HDPE geomembrane pond liner reduces the cost of breeding.

In short, HDPE geomembrane pond liner is absolutely necessary basement material for aquaculture farm project.

Custom Made Pond Liners for Fish Ponds Project in Bengala
Custom Made Pond Liners for Fish Pond Project in Bengala
Geomembrane Pond Liners for Fish Pond Projects in Bengladesh

BPM Bangladesh customer owns ten fish ponds. According to his pond size, we calculated that he needed about 32,000 square meters of HDPE geomembrane pond liners. Based on our 13 years experience we recommended 0.5mm and 0.75mm HDEP custom made pond liners to Bangladeshi customers. After consideration, the customer chose a 0.75mm geomembrane pond liner. Then we introduced the product quality and workshop production environment to the customer through video and sent him our product inspection certificate. In the end, the customer has become a good partner with us.

Specifications of Custom Made Pond Liners for Fish Ponds in Bangladesh

  • HDPE Pond Liner thickness – 0.75 mm
  • Total quantity – 32,000 square meters
  • Roll Size – 5.8m *100m

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