HDPE Polylock, also called E-Polylock or Geolock, is connected to the film developed and concrete is extruded HDPE strip products, E or T shaped in cross-section is firmly anchored in concrete. The Polylock system provides a high strength mechanical anchor and a permanent seal to a wide range of concrete structures including around ring beams, pipe work, columns, inlets, outlets and overflow weir structures.

The smooth surface with width 15cm or 10cm is for welding the polyethylene sheets while the 3-4cm height fingers are used to insert the web concrete to get locked-in and fix the joint with geomembrane to make a complete water-proof banking.

HDPE Polylock Application

(1) Environmental protection, sanitation (such as landfills, sewage treatment plants, power conditioning tank, industrial, hospital solid waste treatment plant slope).
(2) Hydraulic Engineering (reservoir dam seepage, consolidation, vertical heart wall, slope protection).
(3) Municipal Engineering (subway, underground engineering buildings, sewers lining).
(4) Garden (artificial lakes, rivers, reservoirs, golf course pond slope).
(5) Petrochemical (tank seepage, chemical reaction tanks, sedimentation tanks lined chemical plants, oil refineries, gas stations).
(6)Mining (washing pool, heap leaching pool, the ash field, dissolving tanks, sedimentation tanks, tailings seepage slope).
(7) Transport facilities (foundation reinforcement, subway, highway culvert seepage). 

HDPE Polylock for Mining Project in Peru
HDPE Polylock used for Mining Project in Peru
High Quality Polylock used for Mining Project in Peru

Our Peru customer searched polylock from BPM Geosynthetics website. We suggested him using EL15 and asked for us to send samples.Three weeks later we got a email suddenly. The content is about E-Geolock EL15 samples that had passed testing and something about payment terms and delivery. Finally, the customer placed the order to BPM.

Specifications of HDPE Polylock used for Mining Project in Peru

  • Total Polylock quantity – 9820 m
  • Polylock specifications – EL15
  • Expansion size 2.9m
  • One 20GP container

After getting the goods, Our Peru customer were satisfied with ploylock quality and quantity. And they will place another order in the next few months.

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