Geosynthetic Factory wholly owned by BPM is located in Taian City, the famous tourist city near the expressway from Beijing to Shanghai, Shandong Province, China. As the leading geosynthetics manufacturers and suppliers, BPM has over 1,20 employees and its own 16,000 square meters state-of-art manufacturing factory with many automatic geosynthetic production lines, professional machines and testing equipment.

In recent years, BPM had invested more than 2 million dollars into its modern manufacturing factory to improve the basic production facilities,  manufacturing equipment, working conditions, employee salary and welfare, technical and teamwork training, etc.

Our modern geosynthetic factory is equipped with advanced machines like blowing film technology Geomembrane production line, extrusion technology Geomembrane production line, PET Geogrid production line, Geotextile production line and other special machines, which help us to keep high product quality, shorter delivery time and competitive cost to meet the demands of our worldwide customers. Most of our geomembranes and geosynthetics had been kept up with the international forefront counterparts. Our main innovative, high quality products include geomembrane,  geotextile, geocell, geosynthetic clay Liner, geogrid and drainage board, etc al.

Welcome to visit our factory.

geosynthetics factory
geosynthetics production workshop
geomembrane production line
geosynthetics raw materials in factory
geotextile raw material
geotextile production machine
automatic geomembrane production machine
Geogrid production line
geocell production line
Drainage Board production machine
automatic geosynthetic clay Liner production machine
automatic geocell production machine
geocell product in factory
geotextile product in factory
geomembrane pond liner loading